Flower Constellations Large Zodiac Refill (Mix&Match)

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Flower Constellations Large Zodiac Refill pack

This Flower Constellations Large Zodiac refill pack contains 6, 12 or 24 original Flower Constellations Large (9,5-12cm / RRP €21,-).
Mix 'n Match, let us know which Flower Constellations you'd like to stock up on: Choose from Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and/or Pisces.


Effortless arrangements every time

Flower Constellations are durable brass flower arranging disks designed to easily create beautiful arrangements that save flowers.
Simply push the disk to fit your favorite vase and use the pattern to playfully space the flowers, placing them straight up over the full diameter of the vase.
Create masterpieces with curated single flowers from the florist, personally picked wildflowers, or revive the left-overs from last week's bouquet in a stylish new arrangement.

Make the most of your flowers

Using fewer and wider spaced flowers keeps your arrangement fresh for longer: the water stays fresh and spaced stems are less prone to jamming and damaging each other. Wilting flowers are easily removed or replaced without disturbing the flowers that are good for another few days.
Similar to the Japanese floral art Ikebana, the Flower Constellations are a celebration of the beauty of each single flower, stem included.

Designed for function & made to last

The Flower Constellations come in three sizes:
Medium (RRP €18,- / fitting vases with a diameter of 6,5-9cm)  //  Large (RRP €21,- / vases 9,5-12cm) and // XL (RRP €27,50 / 12,5-16cm).

The flat-pack design means the Flower Constellations are easy to store and conveniently fit through a regular mailbox
Due to the cut-out edges, the disks can be pushed downward to fit a wide variety of vases

Made of durable brass, the Flower Constellations can be used again and again and pressed downwards to fit a different vase each time.
Please note: Brass is prone to fingerprint- and/or waterstains and will develop a natural patina over time. This does not affect the longevity of the material in any way, and need not be removed (we actually like the worn look). If you prefer a shiny surface, the brass can be polished and cleaned with copper polish.

Inspired by the stars & how it started

The patterns in the Flower Constellations are inspired by the alignment of the stars in the night sky: The original Flower Constellations series was inspired by the 12 signs of the Zodiac and successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter in 2018. 
The 12 Star-sign constellations (6xM + 6xL) make a perfect gift with a personal touch and will still be available to resell.

Interested in a more functional approach and all three sizes including the XL Ophiuchus Constellation (for vases 12,5-16cm)? <Order our new Flower Constellations serie here>

<An overview of all 15 Flower Constellations and packaging can be found here>

Flower Constellations: How it's made

The Flower Constellation disks are made from recycled brass in Hong Kong by Leo and Ellen.
The recycled cardboard packaging is sourced from Europe and cut and printed at Dutchboxx in Friesland before being shipped flat-pack to our workshop.
Each Flower Constellation disk is packaged by hand in Overasselt, all brass items being carefully handled while wearing gloves - usually by Jana (who is also writing this). 


Wholesale information & sizes

The Flower Constellations have a recommended retail price of €18,- (size M) and €21,- (size L)
Need to restock? Each Flower Constellation size can be ordered separately in boxes starting from 6pcs.


<Click to order Flower Constellation M Zodiac refill> 
RRP €18,- // fitting vases with a diameter of 6,5-9cm.
Size brass Flower Constellation M: 100x106x0,5mm - size cardboard packaging: 129x131x5 mm
Weight incl packaging: ca 45 gram

6 pcs (€45,- box / €7,50 pc) / 12 pcs (€87,- box / €7,25 pc) / 24 pcs (€168,- box / €7,- pc)

<Click to order Flower Constellation L Zodiac refill> 
RRP €21,- // fitting vases with a diameter of 9,5-12cm.
6 pcs (€52,50 box / €8,75 pc) / 12 pcs (€102,- box / €8,50 pc) / 24 pcs (€198,- box / €8,25 pc)
Size brass Flower Constellation L: 130x136x0,5mm - size cardboard packaging: 149x151x5 mm
Weight incl packaging: ca 70 gram

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