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House of Thol starter box

Get to know our products

At House of Thol we love designing products that anyone can use to make their everyday greener and easier.  
That's why we're super excited about getting in touch with new stores from all over the world.

Since we're a small scale design studio however, we can't just send samples to everyone for free.
We simply don't have the funds. 
That's why we came up with the House of Thol starter pack: In it you'll find one or two samples of all the products that are available for wholesale via this webshop. 

What's in the set

A House of Thol starter set contains a Waterworks-set (RRP €29,-/set) with two extra Waterworks cones (RRP €13/pc), all 3 Flower Constellations sizes (RRP €19,- / €22,50 & €29,50), one Helios Constellation (RRP €16,50/pc) and both a postcard (A6) and notecard (A7) of the 'Plant a Garden' Bee Happy flower cards, all for the set price of €59,95 (total RRP €150,-).

That way you can get a taste of all available products of the House of Thol collection, without having to order minimum quantities.

And what makes it even better....

Save on your next order

When you place an order for one of our products after receiving the starter set, you'll receive a discount worth the value of the sample you received.

1 Waterworks-set (RRP €29,-/set) - future discount €12,50 when ordering Waterworks-sets
2 Waterworks cones (RRP €13,-/pc) - future discount €10,50 when ordering Waterworks-cones
3 Flower Constellations (RRP €19,-/€22,50/€29,50/pc) - future discount €27,50 when ordering a Flower Constellations starter pack
1 Helios Constellation (RRP €16,50/pc) - future discount €6,50 when ordering Helios Constellations
1 To Plant a Garden Postcard + envelope (A6 - RRP €3,50/pc) - future discount €1,25 when placing an order
1 To Plant a Garden Postcard + envelope (A7 - RRP €2,50/pc) - future discount €0,95 when placing an order

And it adds up, so if you were to place an order for all different products, you've got yourself a whole free sample set.
Just make sure you'll tell us which products you'd like to order in larger quantities and we'll prepare a code that will help you get the discount you earned.

Order now!

Please note: This offer is only available once per wholesale client

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