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Waterworks is a natural watering system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy // Just the cones!

Each set consists of a terra-cotta cone and glass reservoir, in this case you're just ordering the cones.
The olla-inspired watering technique establishes a natural connection between the terra-cotta cone and its surrounding soil and roots. The glass reservoir makes it easy to tell when it's time to refill.

-Natural watering through porous terra-cotta

-Straightforward usability, original materials​

-Easily add to your plants in the pots you love​

-Go on holiday with peace of mind

About the cones

A plants' demand for water varies depending on the size and type of plant as well as the current season.
Make sure to choose the appropriate cone for your plant: 
Small: more glaze, smaller porous surface / for plants that don't need a lot of water.
Medium / for most plants
Large: less glaze, larger porous surface / for thirsty (or) larger plants.

The Waterworks cones are available separate from the full set (loose retail price €13,-), making it possible to interchange them per season.
​Since the diameter of the cone is a fit for most bottles, this also opens up the opportunity to repurpose your special beer bottle collection into something useful and green. 


Waterworks How-to

1. Submerge the terra-cotta cone in water long enough to saturate the material

2. Carefully push the cone into the soil near the roots of your plant

3. Fill a reservoir with water and place in the terra-cotta cone - Refill when empty :-)


Waterworks 1-2-3


How it started, what others say & FAQ

The full Waterworks story (including our crowdfunding adventures) can be found here on our website.
There you'll also find publications (Brigitte: "lifesaver") and the FAQ-section.
Just want to see pretty pictures? <check out our lookbook here> 


Wholesale information

Waterworks cones have an RRP of  €13,- per piece including VAT and are sold per outer box of 6, 12 or 24 pieces. Please get in touch for higher volumes.

NB Waterworks cones are typically sold in an equal distribution between M, L and S. 
If you prefer to receive different kinds of cones, let us know during the ordering process.

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